Educational Therapy for Adults

For adults who would like to improve their Cognitive Skills and fluency in Literacy, we can help!

If you have always suspected that you are Dyslexic or been diagnosed in the past but thought it was too late to do anything about it, you can also benefit from Educational Therapy. Through modern advancements in the knowledge of Plasticity of the brain and a targeted program which suits adult needs, it is quite possible to improve reading and writing skills at any age.

Cognitive profiling and Literacy programs can be designed for adults and college students as well as school age students. Education Therapists will work in a flexible way which suits the needs of the individual whether they are at college or wishing to improve reading and written skills for professional or social purposes.

For College students who require Special Exemptions and/or Additional Support, a Psychological Assessment with detailed report can give such recommendations.

For all adult learners, an Education Assessment can create a profile of Cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This profile can be used to plan programmes for the improvement of Memory skills, Fluency and Auditory/Visual Processing, which are crucial to the improvement of Literacy.

However, while such a profile is very useful in identifying particular areas for improvement, it is possible to proceed to a literacy program based on personal evidence on the areas of reading, comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary extension which are most appropriate to life and career.

All sessions are conducted on a one to one basis with an emphasis on privacy and with the goal of putting the adult learner at ease with the situation and in control of a personal plan which will address their particular needs and interests. The activities and how they relate to the individual profile will be explained and can be followed up at home in ways which will promote long term improvement in both cognitive processing and literacy

For a personal discussion of your particular needs, contact us and ask for a Consult with the Education Therapy Coordinator.



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